FamilyFutures has three primary program areas. We also work with other organizations to enhance outcomes for all. FamilyFutures services are free to participants, thanks to generous support from many individuals, foundations, and corporations.


Every Rappahannock County student will graduate with a plan for the future, financial  

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We offer workshops on general financial topics.

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1 to 1 Coaching

Focus on your own goals
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K-12 Programs

MyFuture Savings Accounts

Each Kindergartner enrolled in the Rappahannock County Public Schools receives a personal MyFuture Savings account. FamilyFutures makes an initial deposit of $100. Then from kindergarten through their senior year, each student can earn up to $100 more by completing age-appropriate tasks on their own, in school, or with their parents or caregivers. The financial education coordinator works with teachers and other school staff to design and deliver creative opportunities that increase financial knowledge and personal skills, such as planning, making choices, and setting priorities. The Coordinator documents completion, and FamilyFutures makes the additional earned deposits on a quarterly basis. Students receive individual quarterly statements. At graduation, they may have as much as $1500, plus interest, if they complete all learning objectives during their school career.

The children’s savings account program initiated by FamilyFutures is the first in Virginia.
We open accounts for every new public school kindergartner with a $100 seed deposit
and opportunities to earn up to $1500 by graduation.

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Adult Programs

Financial Education Workshops

We offer workshops on general financial topics, such as budgeting, using credit to your advantage, saving for college or other long-term goals, or for emergencies. Topics depend on expressed interest. When possible, workshops are held in the schools, but any resident may participate. Presenters may be from FamilyFutures or from other organizations with specific expertise on the given topic. Attendees may engage in exercises or role play in small groups or as a whole. FamilyFutures follows up to assess the impact of workshops. Employers or other organizations may request workshops for staff or clients.

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Photo by Amy Hirschi on UnsplashPhoto by Amy Hirschi on Unsplash
Financial Coaching

FamilyFutures has invested in intensive training for two financial coaches, the executive director and the financial education coordinator, who are available by request to any county resident. Financial coaching begins with the participant identifying priorities and goals. The coach works with the individual to develop a plan with small, incremental steps to reach the goal(s). Coaching is entirely confidential, and the participant has complete control of what information to share with the coach. Coaching sessions may be one-time or extend over a period of weeks to months, depending on the participant’s goals and progress.

Oak View Piggy Bank from MyFuture Savings account Program for our K-12 Students.

Other Services

From time to time, FamilyFutures may offer other services to address community needs. Examples include:

  • Workshops for seniors on identity theft and recognizing fraud and scams for Rapp@Home.
  • Confidential financial coaching to individuals referred by the Benevolent Fund, the Child Care and Learning Center and other organizations.
  • Free tax filing in collaboration with People, Inc.
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