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Garrett Cash Has A Big Stash

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February 19, 2021
Photo of teacher with Kindergartner Garrett Cash

Garrett Cash—no pun intended--was the first RCES kindergartner to complete five MyFuture activities, which means he is going to have $100 deposited into his MyFuture Savings Account.

Rappahannock County Elementary School kindergartners are the first students to participate in a new program called MyFuture. And they are the first students in Virginia to have this kind opportunity to learn and earn so young.

FamilyFutures deposits an initial $100 into each new kindergartner’s MyFuture savings account at Oak View National Bank. Students can earn an additional $100 this semester by participating in five of nine MyFuture activities. Many of these activities take place in the classroom, while others involve the parent/caregiver and the child visiting the bank, shopping at the grocery store, or reading a MyFuture Activity book. And still other MyFuture activities involve the parent/guardian participating in MyFuture workshops.  

According to Stephanie Cash, Garrett’s mother, “The MyFuture activities have really helped Garrett learn the value of a dollar. When we are shopping, he wants to know how much every item costs so that he can see if another similar item exists that is less expensive. He is understanding the importance of saving money.”

Stephanie adds, “Even though Garrett has completed five of the nine MyFuture Activities, he would like to complete them all. He is loving this new program!”

Students may earn an additional $100 each year until their high school graduation by participating in age- and grade-appropriate MyFuture activities.  

Eventually, all RCPS students will graduate with financial knowledge and skills, as well as a MyFuture savings account, which can be used to support their chosen paths after high school, whatever they may be, within the MyFuture account guidelines.  

FamilyFutures also supports one-on-one financial coaching and other services. For more information, contact Jenny Kapsa:; or  

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